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Special Offers

1. Special Offer :: Indian Airlines Holidays


2. Special Offer :: Indian Airlines Holidays


3. Special Offer :: Corporate Super Saver


In view of the encouraging response to our Corporate Super Saver offer the scheme is being re-launched for sale with effect from 20th April 2009.

The details of the new "Corporate Super Saver" scheme is as follows:

Type Class of Travel Basic(INR) Fuel Surcharge (INR) PSF(INR) Total price incl. PSF & FS (RS) Validity(Months from date of purchase) Usage
12 Coupons Economy 84000 37200 2748 1,23,948 6 Multiple
12 Coupons Executive 126852 37200 2748 1,66,800 6 Multiple

Prices include Fuel Surcharge & PSF

Applicable UDF to be collected at the point of Departure or on Endorsement of the Booklet
** Any amendments in the Fuel Surcharge is applicable as and when notified

Validity Period for Sale: 01st October 2009 to 31st October 2009.

Terms & Conditions: Corporate Super Saver ticket(s):

  • Can be issued only to Corporate Houses / Companies, against a request letter on the letter head.
  • Can be used by multiple users / employees belonging to the same corporate. However, each user / employee must carry the company issued ID card while traveling with the Corporate Super Saver ticket.
  • Corporate House Scheme benefits will be allowed.
  • Name of the passengers and Sectors of travel can be finalized either at the time of ticket issuance or later at the time of making a reservation.
  • Each coupon can be used on any domestic sector operated with IC / AI code flights where there is no change of aircraft and flight number involved. Bookings for AI code flights can be done 3 days prior to departure date.
  • Bookings for AI code flights can be done 3 days prior to departure date.
  • FFP mileage points of 750 / 500 will be awarded for each Executive / Economy class coupons respectively.
  • Booking will be made in D / W classes as applicable
  • All the coupons will be endorsed with " Non-Refundable / Non-endorsable / Non-reroutable".
  • Tickets can be re-validated (due to No-show or Name change or Sector change) at a charge of Rs. 1000/- per coupon.
  • A one-time Validity extension for 3 months only would be permitted at a charge of Rs. 1000/- per coupon.

No refund is permissible, once the Corporate Super Saver tickets are issued.


4. Special Offer :: Super Saver Scheme


Air India offers the "Super Saver Scheme" as a FOUR & EIGHT coupon variant in both Executive and Economy class( SS4J/SS8J & SS4Y/SS8Y). The details of the scheme are as given below:

Super Saver Scheme:
Type Class of Travel Basic(INR) Fuel Surcharge (INR) PSF(INR) Total price incl. PSF & FS (RS) Validity(Months from date of purchase) Usage
4 Coupons Executive 44684 12400 916 58,000 3 Single
8 Coupons Executive 87632 24800 1832 1,14,264 6 Single
4 Coupons Economy 28000 12400 916 41,316 3 Single
8 Coupons Economy 56000 24800 1832 82,632 6 Single

Highlights of 'Super Saver Scheme':
'Super Saver Scheme, facilitates individual Passengers traveling on Domestic network.

FFP mileage points 500 and 750 per coupon will be credited for every 4 & 8 coupon tickets respectively.

Revised scheme is available for sale wef 01st October 2009 till 31st October 2009.

One single coupon is valid for travel between any city pair on Air India domestic network (both AI and IC code flights), where there is no change of aircraft and flight number, involved.

Please Note: Multiple users not permitted

Routing Flight coupons to be used in sequence
Travel destinations Open for all domestic sectors on IC and AI code flights only
Indian & foreign nationals purchasing tickets in India
Identification will be checked at the time of issuance of ticket and check-in / boarding. (Remark "Photo ID required" will be put in the endorsement box of each coupon.) Valid Photo IDs can be Passport / Driving License / Voters ID card or Pan card etc. Passengers are advised to carry the same identification at the time of travel also. The name reflected on the ticket must be the same as that on the Photo ID card.
IC & AI offices and its approved Travel Agents.
Reservations On confirmed basis.
No other discounts permissible including discounts offered on "AI Co-Brand Cards".
Child & Infant fares Not permitted
Non-refundable / Non-endorsable/ Non Re-routable.
Change of sector / Flight no / Date of travel -Permitted without any charge up to 1 hour before departure.
Tickets can be re-validated (due to No-show or Name change) at a charge of Rs. 1000/- per coupon within the validity of the ticket.Permitted one time validity extension for 3 months permitted on payment of Rs 1000/- per coupon.

5. Special Offer :: Other Discounts


Armed Forces and Associated Personnel Discount.

Under this category the following concession on Economy Class (Indian Rupees fare) are,

  • Armed Forces personnel belonging to Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.(50%)
  • Armed forces personnel, recipients of Bravery award.(75%)
  • Personnel from General Engineering Reserve Force(50%)
  • War disabled officers(75%)
  • War widows(75%)
  • Para Military Forces(50%)
  • Police personnel-Recipient of Police Medal for gallantry and Presidents's Police medal for gallantry

Discounts offered on humanitarian grounds

  • Blind persons & Cancer patients(50% discount)
  • Locomotor disability for Persons suffering 80% and above (50% discount)
  • Passenger on stretcher(special discount is 6 times the applicable sector fare components + YQ + PSF + UDF)

Concessional fares are offered to

  • Senior citizens(50% discount )
  • Students(50% discount)
  • Civilian citizens recipients of Gallantry awards (75% discount)
  • Sports persons participating in National Sports Events (25% discount)
  • Arjuna Awardees (50% discount)

Note: The above Discounts are available only on Adult Basic Fare. Passenger Service Fees (PSF), Applicable Fuel Surcharge (YQ) & User Development Fee (UDF) will be paid additionally.

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